About - Faith & Deeds Handmade Jewelry

//from amateur to online business. God leads.//

My business started back in 2012 when I was still working full time in a digital marketing agency. I developed a huge passion for handmade jewelry once I knew that I could actually create a piece of jewelry that's so uniquely me. Soon I found myself making jewelries for my friends' special occasions and that encouraged to start a business online as side line.
I stopped in the year of 2016 because of the arrival of my firstborn and finally got the time to revive the business in 2019 after my second kid turned 1. At the same time I also became a stay-at-home-mom. My passion for handmade jewelries has never died. I found renewed joy in new designs, learning new techniques and putting together different natural gem stones to form something graceful, sweet and chic. I thank God and praise Him for giving me this gift that enables me to create and giving me the strength and patience to see the business grow.

My work aims to bring out the sweetness, femininity and style in a woman. It's not loud but it will get your attention for sure, I guess that reflects my personality as well. I also cater to personal customization so my customers can own an unique piece of jewelry that is designed to speak their personality. 

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